A Good Book for Wedding Planning

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When I got married, I didn’t know a thing about weddings.  I know a common assumption is that women have been planning their wedding since they were little girls.  In the age of  Pinterest, many women do have their weddings planned, long before being engaged.  I was NOT one of them.   Admittedly, it probably would’ve helped me with the planning stress if I had been.  Thankfully for me, I stumbled on a little help.   The only thing I knew was that weddings were expensive, and we decided to pay for it ourselves instead of ask our families.  Once we were in the planning stage, I created a Pinterest board and added my fiance and bridesmaids to gather ideas.   But I was still feeling a bit lost.  Then I came across this book, Wonderful Weddings for Cost Conscious Couples.  For a 25 year old who knew nothing, when I came across this book it seemed like a blessing to my DIY wedding.   Wonderful Weddings for Cost Conscious Couples isn’t a new book, but the advice it gives is certainly still relevant.   Not everyone hires a wedding planner, sometimes because of cost, lack of awareness or desire.  The book can help you get through some of the hard stuff and get you thinking about topics you may have never considered.  One good thing about this book is that you can benefit from it even if you don’t have a budget concern.  If you are new to wedding planning, you will benefit from many things including:
  • fill-in forms for organization and record keeping
  • lists of questions to ask various vendors
  • visual examples of cakes and dress styles
  • example time lines
  • DIY bouquets with estimated costs
  • suggested wedding themes
In the end, this wasn’t a cover-to-cover read for me, but it served as a good reference.  Eventually we hired a planner to conduct the “day-of” activities, complete final vendor follow-up and take care of last minute items.  I realized that although I had a lot of things done, I didn’t want to coordinate things the day of the wedding.  I love giving this book to brides we work with, and so far it’s been helpful to them as well. Although we only participate in one part of the wedding, typically stationery, I feel it necessary to pass on something that was helpful to me.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find on Amazon.  Also, stay tuned for our #weddingwednesday series on Instagram.  To my brides reading this – congrats, good luck, and happy wedding planning!

Instagram Update

It’s a new day for our Instagram!
Starting today, we will be launching a weekly three-part series for our followers!  Don’t worry, the randomness of the places we visit and other things that inspire us won’t be going anywhere.  In addition to our usual content, every week we will feature:
#MessageMonday, which will highlight an inspirational saying or practical advice to get the week going.  We can all benefit from a little motivation, eh?
#WeddingWednesday, which will be our day for all things wedding related – inspiration, advice and work.
#FloralFriday, which is only fitting.  Flowers are one of our biggest inspirations, and seeing lovely flowers is a great way to start the weekend.
If you would like to join in on the fun, be sure to follow us, use the hashtags and tag us.  We would love to share in your stories!

Our Greeting Cards Are Ready!!

collection of 6 greeting cards (including evelopes and container box) designed for people in relationshipsFor those who have been following our Instagram, you’ve seen our announcement of our newest project, the “It’s a Love Thing” greeting card collection.  Made with love and laughter and rooted in our 10 years together, this collection will be available as single cards and as an annual set to satisfy all your card needs for every occasion this year. Why shop 5+ times when you can shop once?

You can purchase a box and other home decor items here.  Shoot us an email (pylesdesignworks@gmail.com) for more information.

The Snappy Holiday Card

Here’s that “snappy”card we mentioned in the last blog post, from our home to yours!

Pyles Christmas Card

You can’t go wrong with a light, happy photo card.  This one boasts a photo of us from (early) Christmas in the Bahamas.

5 Tips for a Happy Holiday

Last week, in the spirit of the season, we took to Instagram with our top tips for Christmas week.  We posted every day for 5 days with soTips for a Happy Holidayme helpful tips on decor, gift wrapping and just having fun.  Although they were Christmas week posts, these tips work for any holiday!  In case you missed it, we have compiled them all into this handy graphic for your viewing


A little help for a bride on a budget

Getting married is one of the most exciting and possibly stressful times in life.  Here are a few things that can be done in preparation to save you some financial heartache.

5 Tips for Brides on a Budget #2