We help professionals, small businesses, and non-profits share their vision with the world through graphics and stationery.  

Whether you are just getting started or just need a boost,  Pyles Design Works offers design services to help you as you grow and develop.  

We can provide you with files for self-printing and/or the additional physical products. 

The Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Through a questionnaire and telephone or virtual meeting, we discuss your business idea and plans, as well as what you’re looking for. Based on that, we provide a price quote, timeline and contract for approval. Don't worry - it's possible to make changes to the scope or timeline later.

Step 2: Design and Review

While you relax, we work meticulously on the design, sending you drafts of all design components for approval. Throughout the process, we will have consult meetings and/or email reviews, the number and frequency depend on the complexity of design service.

Step 3: Printing or Email of Final Files

After you approve final drafts, any physical products will go into printing. For logos and other digital products, we will email those items in the appropriate file format(s). Final files are delivered after final payment is received unless otherwise noted in the contract.


Business Cards

Every business is unique, with a signature style.  We make sure that company business card should be, too.   These can be standard, traditional horizontal cards or modern, vertical ones.  In either case, double-sided is our specialty!  Each card is customized to suit you or your company’s brand and personality.

Like QR codes? We can make those too and take your customers and colleagues straight to your website or social media pages.

Logo and Brand Design

Your brand, whether business or personal, helps people describe you when you’re not in the room.  Creating beautiful graphic imagery, fully representative of each person or business is one of our major goals.  No cookie-cutter logos here!  Final logo designs include vector files, jpg, black and white.  Our more extensive brand design includes a style sheet with additional fonts and colors, marketing collateral, and website design.

Flyers, Posters, and Note Cards

There’s nothing like a flyer or poster to boost marketing efforts.  These handy items can be used for shop/street advertising, mail campaigns, and more.  Just like your business cards, your flyers and posters are customized to fit your brand story and personality.

Personalized note cards are perfect support for your brand.  Handwritten notes are certainly NOT a thing of the past.  They are a reminder that a personal touch is worth a lot.

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