Inspiration is everywhere, and everyone deserves to be inspired.

What we wear, use, gift, and place in our personal space says a lot about who we are.  Make a statement, and help the people you love to do the same.


Funny, encouraging, and super-personal, each of our tees is special to us and has a backstory that runs back to our every day lives.  Several of our creations are currently available for purchase in premium cotton material.

Size range: S-2x

We are also now accepting commissions!


A warm cup of tea or coffee does the spirit good, and so do our mugs.   Our mugs are great as gifts during the holidays, for birthdays or special occasions.  Our signature collection is characterized by a 11oz white mug with a color interior and color handle.  15oz mugs may be available upon request.

11oz. ceramic

Color accent on the inside and handle

Microwave and dishwasher-safe

Matching design on both sides to suit both right and left-handed people

Wall Art

We ARE NOT minimalists when it comes to wall decor.  The walls of our home and office are filled with photos and inspiration.  We take the witty and encouraging messages to your walls so that wherever you are, you can be inspired as you look around.


Home decor to the rescue!  Our decorative pillows come in three sizes: 14″x14″ and 18″x18″.